Battling Summer Boredom
by Bonita Malone, former Drug Free Greenville Board Member

Atn-hup! If you’re going to “Battle Boredom” this summer, you’ll need to reinforce your arsenal of entertainment ideas for the entire family! Entertainment need not be expensive. Greenville and Hunt County have plenty of options. Just be sure to pace yourself – don’t use all your ideas at once.

For example, when the kids have been out of school for a whole week and you hear the first “There’s nothing to do” your first response can be a cheerful “Let’s make a picnic lunch and go to the park”. But instead of just lunch, make a whole day out of it. You can eat lunch at Graham Park and feed the ducks. Then lead the convoy across town to Greenville Sports Park to allow the kids to explore Aunt Char’s Playground. Be sure to take a ball or Frisbee to toss around.

For the Officer of the Day in charge of strategic planning, go ahead and check out the variety of dance, music and gymnastic classes that are offered throughout the summer. While the infantry is at their lessons, the “officers” can enjoy a cool latte!

The next week, when the kids have had a little too much time together and there is dissention among the ranks, head to W. Walworth Harrison Public Library. In the cool of the library, everyone can find a book, cd or movie to check out. The library has a wide variety of programs to offer everyone. Chances are you’ll find something special going on just about any day of the week. To be adequately prepared, check the library’s website for their schedule of events in advance.

To make sure no one goes AWOL under your command, keep your supply tent well-stocked with inexpensive popsicles and arts and crafts supplies. You’ll be “at the ready” when one of your foot-soldiers starts to say “I’m bored”.

If the weather gets unbearably hot, you can take to troops to cool off at Ja-Lu Pool. Or if a summer thunderstorm flares up, you can always take shelter at the movie theater, bowling alley or skating rink.

As the summer tour of duty reaches the halfway mark of July 4, be sure to plan on observing or participating in the local parades on Buena Vista/Chapman Drive and Park Street. Your troops will want to show their support for their fellow patriots. Even morning parades can get warm, so following the parades allow the troops to cool off with the festivities held at Kavanaugh Methodist Church.

Local churches are always happy to welcome children to their Vacation Bible Schools. Everyone can benefit from the educational, spiritual and social teachings that are a part of these programs. Pre-teens and teenagers can be helpful to organizers and great role models for the younger students.

If your supply of bubbles and sidewalk chalk runs low, send the troops in for a little KP duty. When they’re ready for some R & R, you can organize a convoy to the Northeast Texas Children’s Museum or Audie Murphy Museum.

Just remember that a good General will approach one battle at a time and find success by winning the War Against Summer Boredom!